DBO Projects, based in Budapest since 1998, is working on international cooperation and development projects between Central and Eastern Europe and Denmark.

DBO works with projects in the fields of education, social, disability, psychiatry and health, where the starting point is to create added value for all participants. That is, users, clients, students, patients, employees, managers, decision makers and the individual organization must all experience an immediate benefit from participating.

The projects DBO is involved in is always based on practical reality and with focus on colleagues meeting colleagues at all levels, and therefore we see internationalization initiatives primarily in an HR perspective. Meeting and working with colleagues about common areas of interest and issues automatically brings new knowledge into their own organization and to the individual.

DBO Projects has over the years worked on project development, prepared project applications, arranged and conducted study tours, courses and conferences, been responsible for project monitoring and evaluation as well as project management for municipal, regional and national authorities, private and ecclesiastical institutions, interest groups and private companies and foundations.